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Saturday, 19 May 2018

Why @BBCSouthAfrica #SaveMe #TVseries Will Have You Fixed on Your Couch @BBCLifeStyle

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Finally, an Anti-Hero: Nelly is the guy that, 10 years ago in his south-east London local, The Palm Tree pub, all the men wanted to drink with and all the women wanted to get next to – a charmer, a chancer, a fighter, a liar. When Nelly is accused of kidnapping Jody, his daughter, he sets off on a journey to make things right and redeem himself. It is a journey through which he will discover a version of himself that neither he nor anyone around him thought possible.

The Gripping Plot: Save Me, is a six-part series that immediately captures you with the story of ‘Nelly’, played by award-winning Lennie James’(The Walking Dead), whose estranged daughter gets kidnapped after they make contact for the first time in ten years. In the investigation of his daughter’s disappearance, Nelly becomes a suspect and we follow him as he tries to clear his name and find the real criminals who took his daughter.
Why @BBCSouthAfrica #SaveMe #TVseries Will Have You Fixed on Your Couch @BBCLifeStyle
Fresh Faces: It’s always refreshing to watch a series with new actors and Save Me introduces us to plenty of young talents. Familiar to British TV audiences, South African audiences will be kept entertained by the acting skills of actresses like Alice Feethman who plays ‘Bernie’, a young wife whose relationship is put to the test following Nelly’s determination to find his daughter. Indeyarna Donaldson-Holness plays the role of Nelly’s daughter, ‘Jody’ who even though we hardly see her, we stay intrigued by her story of captivity.

You’re going to Need Something to Keep You Warm: The chilly season’s mandate will involve a lot of couch time when you opt to stay indoors instead of going out, and this show is (besides a blanket and the heater) what will keep you warmed up with all its suspenseful drama, if the humor doesn’t.

It’s An Award-Winning Production Team: Save Me is a series where you know you’re going to get quality acting and quality production. Suranne Jones, of Doctor Foster fame, plays Jody’s mother and Nelly’s estranged ex-girlfriend. Lennie James is an award winning actor and well-known to avid television watchers. He is also the executive producer and writer, BONUS.

Watch Save Me on BBC Lifestyle, Channel 174 premiering 6 June at 20:00

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