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Saturday, 14 October 2017

Departing Director Plays His Final Hand @SilverstarZA #ShaneCollinson

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Silverstar has become a glittering landmark on the Krugersdorp landscape and this is thanks to the passion of Director of Operations and Complex General Manager, Shane Collinson and the dedicated team of people he has brought together throughout his tenure. After 28 years of unbroken service in the South African gaming and hospitality sector – two decades of which have been with Tsogo Sun - Collinson will play his final hand as he retires from the industry he has served with such dedication.

A Lucky Roll of the Dice
In the 1980’s, Collinson was working at Telkom as a technician but he was always drawn to what he describes as the “glitz and glamour” of the Wild Coast Sun. His life would soon take an unexpected turn, when he took a gamble and applied for a job at his favourite entertainment destination. Luck was on his side because thanks to the international technical training he had received, Collinson was hired immediately as a Leaf Technician for the slot machines.
Departing Director Plays His Final Hand @SilverstarZA #ShaneCollinson
Shane Collinson
At the Top of his Game
Some three decades later Collinson has reached the top of his game and he is bidding a bittersweet farewell to Silverstar, which he describes as one of the most beautiful casino properties he has had the privilege of leading. Charged with the full redelevopment and turn-around strategy of Silverstar six years ago, Collinson has taken Silverstar and his team of employees from strength-to-strength, and he leaves the gaming and entertainment complex in excellent shape for untold successes in the future.

While he may be leaving, it is clear that Collinson’s passion for Silverstar remains as strong as ever before and he says, “Silverstar has one of the most amazing cultures, particularly when it comes to its members of staff. The guests that come through the doors are truly unique in that they are perhaps the most respectful and down-to-earth people I have ever had the privilege of working with. What is more, the geographic location of the complex, nestled in the valley of a mountain, makes Silverstar a truly beautiful destination.”

A Passion for People
Throughout his tenure, Collinson’s star has shone as brightly as the entertainment complex he has managed. Known for giving back to the community and the people he leads, Collinson champions corporate social responsibility in its truest sense. “It may be difficult to face the harsh realities of life head-on, but it is through the upliftment of people that we can make a difference, no matter how small. At the end of the day it is much better to give than to take in life,” says Collinson.

This desire to be mindful of those less fortunate has also helped in the exceptional turn-around in corporate culture that Colinson has achieved during his time at Silverstar. “Tsogo Sun believes whole-heartedly in the importance of people, which is why strategic programmes are in place at Silverstar to ensure culture is continually and measurably improved upon. This has always been top-of-mind and I am extremely proud of what we have achieved in this regard at Silverstar.”
Departing Director Plays His Final Hand @SilverstarZA #ShaneCollinson
Shane Collinson
Star Leadership
Collinson’s most memorable moment was watching 400 000 stars fall from the ceiling at the grand opening of Silverstar, which had taken months of hard work to refurbish. The employees whose lives he has touched throughout his tenure, will no doubt remember the incredible gift Collinson has for leading from the front with humility, passion, dignity and true inspiration.

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