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Saturday, 10 September 2016

@PGComicsSA Brings COPPS - A hilarious New Radio @947 Series #Comedians @Anele

Hi Guys, 

An unlikely group of wacky superheroes with a mission to rid the world of crime is about to be set loose on your airwaves.

Tune into 947 every Tuesday at 17h55 for COPPS – a hilarious new radio series about the age old superhero battle between good and evil…with a South African twist.

Hand-picked by “The Herbalist”, the superheroes represent a group of new South African stereotypes. Set in Metropolisburg, COPPS follows their amazing exploits and adventures as they deal with a city filled to the brim with nefarious super villains, evil sidekicks and the occasional deluded politician.
Chris Forrest, Ebenhaezer Dibakwane, Mojak Lehoko and Warren Robertson are the writers – and voices – behind the series. With their witty one-liners, their knack for twisting reality into humour and their hilarious portrayal of the characters, you’re sure to be glued to your radio week after week as the story unfolds.

COPPS will air every Tuesday at 17h55 on 947. You can also tune into DSTV Audio Channel 879 or stream online Another project proudly brought to you by #PGComics.

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