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Sunday, 22 May 2016

Support @ChildrenOfFire Charity #RedCarnivalDay #Parkhurst #Jozi #SouthAfrica

Hi Guys, 

One In Three of the children that Children of Fire helps, has been burned intentionally.

The pain that they have felt is unspeakable.

But long after the flames are extinguished, the pain goes on.

They are disabled by their burns. But more by your stares.

Scarred permanently.

Outside and In.

There is no day when they can forget that they are burned.

No day when society does not avert its eyes. Or look too long. Brutally.

No day when they are not at the receiving end of revulsion. Pity. Cruelty. Tears.

Oh for a day Just To Be.

There are other concerns.

So small. So practical. They could astound you.

Just to have a thumb and an index finger so that a child could hold a pencil.

To have two ears to fix your glasses to.

To have a nose to sniff with.

To have a prosthetic leg that did not chafe your skin raw.

Each child could stand up and shout: “It is not my fault!

“My place of birth is not my fault!

“My nationality is not my fault!

“I am human just like you.

“I want to walk, talk, laugh, run, smile, learn, grow, give, just like you.

“I am a member of the human race.

Let me return to it as your equal.”

There is life after the fire.

Donations to the Children of Fire trust First National Bank, Melville (branch number: 256505), account number 61492023919. Please support the Charity and help change a burnt child’s life, the organization is under immense pressure and in desperate need of your contribution.


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