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Sunday, 29 May 2016

Design Premiere 2016 - School of Planning and Architecture #IndiPR

Hi Guys, 

“Design Premiere 2016”, the annual Design Degree exhibition, showcases the creative talent of 21 graduating students from the Department of Industrial Design (DoID), School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi. The exhibition showcases innovative products in domains ranging from Social Innovation, Safety+Mobility, Health+Wellness, Education, Households, Lifestyle, Experience Design among others. 

This five day exhibition will be held from the 27th to 31st of May at the Visual Arts Gallery, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi. 

In these Final Year Degree Projects (Master of Design Course), conducted over a span of 16 weeks, students have undertaken projects (some of which are sponsored by industries) to demonstrate their abilities as Industrial Designers before they step out as professionals in the Design Industry. With study, research, analysis, concept generation and subsequent development of solutions, they have carried the projects into completion as prototypes that can be further developed for production. Retaining the academic perspective and the objectives set by the design brief, they have designed products and systems that are sustainable and an answer to the growing needs of our cultural context. 
Design Premiere 2016 - School of Planning and Architecture
As students venture from academia into the “real” world, these projects stand on the cusp; they intended to push the boundaries of design, often questioning standard practices, rethinking and innovating products and systems that address critical issues we encounter on a day to day basis as well as those that improve quality of life. 

Government of India has declared this decade the ‘Decade of Innovations, Driven by Design’. Thus this public exhibition, held annually in prominent locations, is an attempt for academia to connect with the rest of the city, the general public, businesses, industry to spread design awareness and create design related dialogue and discourse.

Designed for India, these product celebrate the diversity of cultures, habits, lifestyles that give India its vibrancy. Through design thinking, innovation and a human-centeric approach, these projects demonstrate how good design can be the key differentiator for a business while being culturally, socially and environmentally appropriate. 

This exhibition is a set of 21 design stories, tales of how these products evolved. Check out more at -


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