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Friday, 27 May 2016

Aspiring Coders Shaping The Future Of #SouthAfrica @Code4ct @Boondoggleza

Hi Guys,

Code for Cape Town, a not for profit organisation that teaches high school girls to code, has started a collaboration with Havas Boondoggle to help their learners to develop technological solutions to social issues in their communities. 

In a series of service design workshops, Boondoggle has helped the girls to develop human-centred concepts for mobile and web apps to alleviate issues in anything from delivery of medicine to fixing the education system.
Helping Aspiring Coders Shape The Future Of #SouthAfrica @Code4ct
On Saturday 28 May, the girls will start prototyping their ideas for production in June. Boondoggle will use Facebook Live to engage a global audience of viewers in the final workshop. 

Code4CT director Emma Dicks said: “When young people are given a platform to share their ideas for change we see incredibly exciting things start to happen. Through businesses engaging with education organisations we are able to offer young people experiences that prepare them to have great impact in our country”.
Helping Aspiring Coders Shape The Future Of #SouthAfrica @Boondoggleza
“We have been inspired by these girls,” added Leon Jacobs, Executive Creative Director of Boondoggle. “They take to service design methodology like fish to water. We can’t wait to see how their ideas can become a reality and help shape the future of South Africa.”

For anyone interested in participating in the Facebook Live event, please search for “Havas Boondoggle” on Facebook and click on the Live link on their page.


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