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Friday, 15 April 2016

@ZeeTVAfrica - Ye Vaada Raha #Serial #ZeeTVAfrica #Entertainment

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Ye Vaada Raha - Monday –Friday– 21:00 CAT

Life in Mumbai villages has always been a source of intriguing stories. Yeh Vaada Raha is one such show that narrates the story of Survi and Kartik, who are completely different individuals separated by their backgrounds, age and temperaments. However, they are bound to each other across a lifetime by the promises made by one of them. A twist in the tale prompts Kartik to make an unbreakable vow to Survi's father that brings Survi and Kartik together. At that point in time, Survi is a responsible 9-year-old child, wise beyond her years while Kartik is a happy-go-lucky 19-year-old boy, who wholly understands his family responsibilities.

Things seem to be going smoothly until Survi is forced to never meet Kartik again. Years later a beautiful Survi comes face to face with a young man Kartik who only wants to cause harm in Survi’s life all because of a misunderstanding. The truth finally gets out and Kartik and Survi become husband and wife. A secret enemy gets into Kartik’s mind and slowly causes a drift between the married couple. Despite all the challenges thrown her way, tries to reveal the enemy to Kartik to save their happy home. Check more at


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