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Friday, 15 April 2016

@ZeeTVAfrica - Jaabaaz Sindbad #Serial #ZeeTVAfrica #Entertainment

Hi Guys,

Jaabaaz Sindbad - Saturday – 15:00 CAT

The world was supposed to be a place where all human beings could live in harmony and peace. Unfortunately it became a playground for an evil force so powerful that it could directly control the minds of mere mortals and turn them against each other. Iblis, the personification of evil was unstoppable and soon the world got divided, physically, emotionally and spiritually. A few good men, named the 7 protectors, managed to capture Iblis and tie him up with 7 chains in the dark underbelly of the ocean. They could only subdue him, not destroy him. 
Now his most loyal disciple, Keharmaan, wants to unlock the 7 chains and free and resurrect Iblis and unleash unimaginable horrors to the world. For the same he needs the 7 keys whose location can be unlocked using a diamond cuff. In his endeavour he ravages Basra, kills Zafar, the man in possession of the diamond cuff and destroys a loving family, turning his 8 year old son into an orphan. That boy is, Sindbad, whose tiny hand is endowed with the responsibility of safeguarding the diamond cuff, but whose innocent soul is filled with uncontrollable desires of vengeance. 

Sindbad decides to walk in his late father's footsteps and uproot evil from the face of the earth by destroying Iblis. Thus, Sinbad is thrown into a tumultuous journey across the seas, where he goes through dangerous and extraordinary experiences that make him realise that' 'Bure se pehle burai ko khatam karna chahiye'.

Ultimately, will he succeed??... When his every step is challenged by not only, Keharmaan but the various monsters and magical creatures that populate the world?


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