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Wednesday, 13 April 2016 Revolutionizes How #Men Buy #Clothes @Tee20Club

Hi Guys, 

Tshirts is one type of clothing we all want to show off and that's why it's the first section we visit in the shopping malls. No matter where we are in the world, Tshirt is a necessity in men's wardrobe. I have n number of tshirts featuring cartoons, movies, pictures, words, sports, and many different kinds. 

Tee20 ( announced the official launch of the first and only shopping service for men. offers the convenience of e-commerce with the confidence of traditional retail shopping, utilizing the power of the Internet to bring the benefits of boutique shopping to the masses. #thelifesway #photoyatra #lifestyle
Tee20 puts a unique spin on shopping, offering live fashion experts to help determine any man's clothing needs. Upon signing up for the service, Tee20 members receive a variety of hand-picked items based on personal preferences such as personality, profession, budget and lifestyle. Tee20 is a 100% free service with no shipping costs for delivery or returns on merchandise. You pay only for what you keep.

"I found that many men were too busy to enjoy shopping -- but they still wanted to look and feel good in their clothing," says Prasanna Venkatesh, CEO of "I created Tee20 as a way to give the savvy man a truly hassle-free, personalized and customized shopping experience that would not interfere with their busy schedules."

“We use machine learning programs to help determine clothes that our members are most likely to keep. After being a member for over a period of time, we should be able to send you exactly the clothes you like matched with stuff missing in your wardrobe”.

Personalized Service - Fashion Experts
Tee20 is based on relationship building by creating a personal, professional, one-on-one shopping experience for all customers, and has experts based across the country to help serve any fashion need. #tshirts #thelifesway #photoyatra #lifestyle
Join the Revolution - How Does Tee20 Work?
Simple. Choose a plan. Once you are done picking a package, give us some details by filling a really short questionnaire’. Super Stylists will receive a notification that you are onboard. They will immediately start working on how you’ll look with what. Once they find a perfect match, our job is to ship those shirts/Tees to you. Fall in love with it. Visit for more information. Follow them on twitter , instagram and facebook too. 


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