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Sunday, 28 June 2015

@CoffeeChocExpo - The Home Barista Jam #Competition @MonteCasinoZa #Jozi

Hi Guys,

The Home Barista Jam is about to explode on to the coffee scene. It is an exciting, first-of-it's kind competition where Gauteng's aspiring home baristas get a chance to prove their skills in a competition format, play on the most professional, state-of-the-art Home Barista coffee equipment in the world and win fantastic prizes, including R10 000 in prize money.

There are limited spots available!! Home Baristas will battle in out in 2 categories - an Espresso round and a manual brewing round. In each round, 3 competitors will have 30 minutes on stage to prepare their beverages according to the rules of each specific round. Baristas have the choice of competing in just one category, or if they want to reap the most rewards, in both to become the overall winner.

Entry fees:
R250 per category OR R400 for both (includes entry to show on all days)

Thursday 16th July: 6pm - 9pm.

The Coffee Cocktail Invitational (Think Coffee in Good Spirits but less rules and just for fun, although there will be prizes and of course you are all invited - The Coffee Magazine invites some of SA's top baristas to compete in a demonstration of skill and coffee infused indulgences! Each of the 6 professional baristas will have 15 minutes to prepare a coffee based cocktail, paired with alcoholic and non-alcoholic ingredients, to wow the audience and TheCoffeeMag judges. This event will be an opportunity for audience members to meet SA's top baristas, interact and taste their coffee cocktails and discuss coffee with these industry heroes.

Friday 17th July : 9.30 - close
An exciting day of preparation and interaction at the Home Barista Jam stand - There will be interactive Demos all day on the stage including tastings, method workshops, cuppings of special lot coffees and How To's for the audience. it will also be an open forum of discussion and practice sessions of the state-of-the-art home barista set-ups that will be on stage - these will be booked in advance by the competitors and practice time for home barista competitors will be scheduled. There will be merchandise on sale, BGSA information for those keen on joining the association created for non-professional coffee loving people, and competitions through the day.

6-7pm: Home Barista Workshop for competitors (questions, rules etc)
DJ Meltdown will be in the house to rock the party as the sun goes down.

Saturday 18th July :
Manual Brewing Round - First Round begins at 10am
This is a Compulsory Service round which means the coffee beans will be provided for each of the competitors and it is compulsory to use these beans! The Manual Brewing competition will kick off with 3 Home Baristas on stage at a time. Each barista can use the manual brewing method of their choice and all baristas will use the same Speciality coffee provided. There will be manual brewing equipment available such as Chemex, Aeropress, V60 pour overs, and siphons, and grinders on stage, but the serious home baristas will most definitely bring their own personal set-ups , scales, refractometers and grinders to the party!

Sunday 19th July:
Espresso Round and Prize giving. - This is a Compulsory Service round which means the coffee beans and milk will be provided for each of the competitors and it is compulsory to use these beans and milk! TheCoffeeMag Home Barista Jam stage will give competitors the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to compete on 3 home espresso espresso and grinder set-ups that until now, have never been assembled under the same roof! The Beautiful La Marzocco Linea mini - recently unveiled at the WBC 2015 in Seattle, with the WBC official grinder brand Mahlkonig, then the Nuova Simonelli music Lux and Grinter Grinder - the dream setup of any home barista, and finally the Iconic Mazzer Mini grinder and Isomac one of the most traditionally formidable home barista setups over the last 10 years.

3 baristas will take to the stage at a time in 30 minute heats and baristas will have 10 compulsory minutes on each of the 3 setups to serve 1 espresso and 1 cappuccino per set-up and present it to the judges within each 10 minute period in the heat. Judging is done and scored immediately. Baristas may pull as many shots as they like and steam and pour as many jugs of milk and beverages as they like per station, but they must serve only one of each beverage per station, to form a total of 6 beverages i,e 3 espresso and 3 cappuccinos per setup. They will only be scored on the final beverages presented to the judges.
Are you ready for the challenge? Have your beans and equipment ready and start making your special coffee more special. Go for it! 

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