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Saturday, 25 April 2015

@TanishqJewelry - The Modern Sindoor is for Grooms too!

Hi Guys,

Marriages are made in heaven and celebrated on earth as some rightly said but the thing that is still prevalent in India is all the festivities it brings before and after the actual event. Indian traditions make these marriages full of vibrant colors, fun and a lot of preparations. Celebrations itself requires huge efforts on both sides of the coin – Groom and the bride. Sometimes it makes you so stressed out that you think that it’s best to do a registered court marriage without all these functions and huge money to spend on guests, food and decorations etc. 

With changing equality status in India as women are equal partners in running household as well as earning money, this has brought a lot of changes in the entrepreneurial mindset of individuals. People think more about what they are going to spend on themselves rather than spending on the society. Marriage functions can be performed within whatever budget suits your lifestyle. New kids on the block always want something for themselves like exotic locations for honeymoon, expensive gifts and gadgets along with a stable & stress-free lifestyle after the marriage. 
Shopping is one of the reasons that girls envision their marriage from the time they understand this relationship. Boys on the other hand want to look cool, smart, charming and confident to go along with the girl they are marrying. If the groom and the bride are from the same city, if their parents allows they go together for shopping because it saves everyone from a lot of likes and dislikes. They can buy the stuff they want but the eternal thing that binds the relationships are the first engagement rings that a boy and a girl shares. Indian culture was more focussed on giving groom watch, neck chain, hand bracelet and many other things like that. The boy will be buying the ring for the girl and girl’s family will buy the ring for the boy. There was always a difference of design and make of these rings and after a while one of them will stop wearing it. In India married girls do Sindoor or have chooda bangles in their hands whereas boys have only ring which he may or may not wear also. 

In Western cultures, you can identify a girl or a boy with the ring so as to know if he is married or engaged already before your emotions makes you fall for him/her. Similar things are now coming to India as couples now wants to buy something unique that both have the same bands for life which they can wear together. A new concept of buying Solitaire rings, love bands and couples bands have taken the market by storm and everyone wants to have one to belong to each other. The trust we had in our local jewellery shops are long gone as we can never know what’s the products quality is? A lot of brands have established themselves via advertisements and unique products. All these products comes with Insured free shipping, Jewellery Certifications and Lifetime exchange but also have established a craze amongst the young and old generations alike. The USP of the these product is its bespoke international designs and it’s also available on EMI. The best part is that you can order your first Solitaire rings online while you sit in your office or at home or at a café with your soon to be husband or wife. There are many big brands like TATA Tanishq also available in the market with some great designs and prices. Check and compare before buying anything. The photograph attached is from Tanishq website - 
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I am also thinking of having love bands for myself and my wife so that I too can relate that finally I am married and no longer available for anyone other than my wife. This trend will continue with young as well as old couples celebrating their 10th, 15th or even 25th anniversary because everyone loves diamonds and jewellery and wants to fell proud to be associated with their life partners. It gives every couple immense pleasure to be together as that’s the best thing and huge celebration in this whole world. 


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