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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Photo Walk - Gardens of the Nature

Hi Guys,

I have been traveling a lot and came across various beautiful flowers which really took my breathe away. These are random flowers which we easily see all around us but then sometimes we miss the beauty that lies in them. Here is my try to capture some of the beautiful moments using my Panasonic FZ-5 Camera.

 I don't like being touched...beware I am surrounded by thorns.
 Hey dude! why did you wake me up? I was happily enjoying the warmth of morning sunshine!
 I am as fresh as the morning dew...I am full of life in all it's forms.
 As blood flows into your veins, the nature's love flows in my leaves...
 I am having a great sleepy afternoon in these winters...
 I can be a bouquet for the season of love and happiness in the times to come! 

I hope you will be inspired to click the lovely nature we see all around us.


Pictures taken using Panasonic FZ5


  1. wow so many pretty shades of red! Lovely

  2. Very nice depiction of different colors of flowers n associated shades of life ....

  3. Thanks a lot Mansi for your appreciation! Do check out other posts also. Cheers!!!

  4. Thanks a lot Shilpi for your appreciation. Cheers!!!


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