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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Usman Riaz Learned Music the Internet Way

Usman may have been brought up in a talented musical family but he has worked on his own to create a life which he wanted for himself. Music and gaming have long been a passion of mine, find more on about games of chance here.

We all think that, why I was not born to rich parents? But it’s not about being parents, it’s all about what you do with your life. Parents are there to provide all the necessary resources so that you can grow into a great citizen of the country and can stand on your own feet. Usman too was provided by his family with all the basic necessities and along with that a good Internet connection. What he did of that internet was up to him? He could too fall in for social networks and other anti-social activities we all do with our free & alone time on internet. I didn’t know whether he fall for the same or not, but what is visible from this video is that he has made full use of Internet in the best way he can. We have a lot to learn from his learning of the Internet today.

I think of all the qualities he has, the first one being is the FOCUS. He stayed focused while on the internet learning from sources like  It’s difficult to stay as we all are login into our social profiles and it’s very difficult not to spend time with our friends online. I feel that sometimes the main task is totally forgotten by many including me and I see myself diverting away for the thing that I first opened the laptop for. And this process goes on for the whole day and another day is wasted in leisurely pursuits.

Secondly, he has the desire and PASSION to Learn Music from whatever channel he can. Not only he learned various musical instruments but went on to bring innovation into the same. The World Wide Web has opened up a space where we can meet anyone much more faster than the real world. Usman found out the right people and learned from them. He kept on following his passion of music in the best possible way.

Thirdly, he has the PERSISTENCE to carry on when he could not catch up fast enough on the videos. Sometimes, we feel unmotivated when we are unable to learn something as per our expectations but he carried on and kept self motivating himself.

Learning something from the came to me way back in 2010 when I found out this to be an amazing source & teacher. With good internet connection, the videos can be downloaded and streamed as fast as possible. But I did lacked the focus, passion and the persistence to learn what I wanted to learn. I tried to learn playing piano but somehow could not watch more on the topic. I tried to learn Spanish but it got dropped off. I tried to learn Origami, but could not follow instructions properly.

But what I did learned was to park the car on the roadside in between two cars already parked using the best technique possible, which I had no idea is so easy if done properly. That’s the only small success story, I have to share but I do salute this little champ who is going to give some amazing musical pieces in the coming years.
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