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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Ramp Ready Hair by TRESemme - Athena Braid

Hi Guys,

TRESemme sent us all the Shampoo + Conditioner in collaboration with Indiblogger to test and write a blog about the hairs we like best. I checked out theTRESemmé India Youtube channel to look for my favourite model Diana Panty showcasing different hair-do's. The sample sent by Tresemme was in a great package and I loved the product by its look.

Athena Braid caught my attention as it has all the combinations possible with some hairs tied up and some falling on your shoulders with twisted turns. Here is the video -

My wife really liked the shampoo and the conditioner as it gives her long hair thick look and also makes your hairs strong so that you can try out all the kind of ramp ready hairs featured on the website. She has not tried my favourite one till now but may be one day she will depending on the way I behave! That's the rule of my girl, that if I behave well then only she will do something for me. Fair deal I must say!

I have already told you about my experiments with using 2 different bottles and how lazy I was to open Shampoo & Conditioner separately. That habit is gone now as I am falling in love with my hairs again with the use of Conditioner at the end of shampooing.

Let's hope that Indiblogger will continue to collaborate with various companies or TRESemme will sponser some new launch program via an Indiblogger meet in Delhi.

Till that time...keep your hairs shining and remain ramp ready always with TRESemme!


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