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Sunday, 20 May 2018

6 Days To 5th Birthday Celebrations #5YearsofTheLifesWay #27Dec2017 #SelfSufficient

Hi Friends,

Life will always be full of surprises and you will always be amazed at what it offers if you are curious enough. There is no dearth for someone who is ready to take on the challenge to live the life joyfully. Gratefulness is the first step which can really bring us a positive change in our lives. I have felt this so many times in my life that stay humble and you will get what you have even in your subliminal mind. I have full faith in the Law of Attraction and Law of Karma.

I think on a different pattern where I want to be self-sufficient as I don't like using anyone's else stuff and only love my own things which I have bought. I can live without until the time I can get the same for myself. In my life, I have always taken care of all the things myself and totally loved handling the pressure or the thought process to overcome the same. It has helped me grow into an individual who has his own opinions about stuff and views on several topics. 
6 Days To 5th Birthday Celebrations #5YearsofTheLifesWay #27Dec2017 #SelfSufficient
I can always talk about various topics, stuff, and things under the sun and I have won so many General Knowledge contests. I have always thought of myself as an encyclopedia of information with a good processor to get the information access fast when someone asks me in a quiz contest. That competitive spirit is always inside me and I have loved bringing that up during the contest. If there is some contest going on and if I am interested in winning the thing, there is nothing that can stop me to reach my end result. I will always achieve what I set my eyes on and I am thankful to Universe to help me in the same. 

Nothing can be accomplished without hard work and if you brain power then it will be easy. It just needs discipline and perseverance to carry on towards your goals. Sometimes I have felt that a person takes a lot of time to define new goals once the first ones are achieved, there shall never be the dearth of activities you want to learn or do in your life. Always keep a life journal with you and keep making the list of things you want to do in your life! Life is limited but you can have the infinite joy in this life and that's living the life in a real The Life's Way!!! - Aashish Rai

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Prince of #Bollywood #AtifAslam Brings Charm & Charisma To #SouthAfrica #July2018 @BluBloodSA

Hi Friends,

It’s not easy to find someone with the perfect amount of passion, an unsurpassed desire to excel and the most intriguing blend of sass, intellect, and confidence. And when you combine all of these in an unforgettable mix of musical talent, the only name that appears in mind is Atif Aslam.

One of the most talented singers to come out of Pakistan, Atif Aslam, returns to South Africa by popular demand to perform in a series of concerts. The Johannesburg leg of his tour will see the ‘Prince of Bollywood’ mesmerize audiences with his exceptional charisma and charm at the Centre Court in Emperors Palace on Sunday, July 23.
Atif Aslam – Live in Concert is presented by leading event management company, Blu Blood, which is known for bringing the best in world-class Bollywood entertainment to African stages.

“Ever since his debut performance in South Africa in 2015 and again in 2016 where he shared the stage for the first time on African soil with Sonu Nigam, fans have continued to request his return to SA. We are expecting another sell-out crowd for this performance,” says Blu Blood MD, Osman Osman.

Atif Aslam has set unprecedented examples in the music industry. He has successfully bridged the cultural gap between Pakistan and India contributing his talents to a number of hit songs in Bollywood. He has received more than 15 awards and distinctions and his profound love for music, dedication to his work and conviction has helped him win millions of hearts around the globe.

Prince of #Bollywood #AtifAslam Brings Charm & Charisma To #SouthAfrica #July2018 @BluBloodSA

Fans can expect some of his most popular numbers including ‘Who Lamhey’, ‘Tu Jaane Na’ and the most recent hit ‘O Saathi’ from the latest Bollywood blockbuster, Bhaagi 2. This song has become immensely popular since the release of the film with the music video has received over 46 million views since being posted in March.

Not only talented on stage, Atif has also made a mark as an actor. He made his screen debut in Bollywood in the 2011 film, Bol, where he played the lead alongside Umaima Abbasi and Mahira Khan. Unlike many stars, Atif did not come from a musical background, nor was he musically trained. It was only while studying towards his Bachelor’s in Computer Science that he developed his interest in music. His raw talent and passion became his foundation for his success. His inspiration comes from everything around him: forces of nature, observing people, his family.

Atif’s music is the kind of music that comes directly from the heart – from the raw and emotive sounds of his debut album ‘Jalpari’ in 2004 (the album that launched his solo career), to the energetic and rocking ‘Doorie’ (this album launched Atif into the international markets in 2006), to the evergreen ‘Meri Kahani’ (taking the listener down a nostalgic memory lane in 2008). His music ranges from the romantic to crestfallen numbers, from peppy and catchy tunes to sober thoughtful songs. He has recorded to date around 116 songs.

With a tremendous Facebook following of 20 million, 1 million ardent Twitter followers and 3.8 million Instagram followers, Atif surpasses any other Pakistani celebrity in terms of popularity and international recognition. Atif’s heart-touching vocals, his enigmatic personality and his love for his fans are just a few reasons not to miss Atif Aslam live in concert in South Africa this July.

Tickets for the Johannesburg show range from R280 to R3000 and are available from Computicket or via Emperors Palace Box Office on 011 928 1297 / 1213 or visit The show starts at 5pm. Emperors Palace is located at 64 Jones Road in Kempton Park. The full biography on Atif available at

My top Ten Songs sung by Atif Aslam: 

  1. Tu Jaane Na - Ajab Prem ki Ghazab Kahani
  2. Dil Diyan Gallan - Tiger Zinda Hai
  3. Pehli Nazar Mein - Race
  4. Woh Lamhe - Zeher
  5. Tere  Liye - Prince
  6. Be Intehan - Race 2
  7. Tu Chahiye - Bajrangi Bhaijaan
  8. Zindagi aa raha hoon main - Music Video
  9. Doorie - Doorie Album
  10. Hum Kis Gali - Doorie Album

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Warm Up This #Winter With @SilverstarZA Hot Dining Specials #LoveSilverstar @TsogoSun

Hi Friends, 

Silverstar is the West Rand’s premier entertainment destination, and with that title comes the responsibility of keeping every valued guest well-fed and ready to take on all the options available throughout the massive property. This winter, why not indulge in some deliciously warm comfort food at the variety of outlets lining The Square at Silverstar?

Publicity Bar & Grill ( has become known as a local watering hole on the West Rand. Their selection of hearty soups (R35) make for the perfect pick-me-up after a long day at work, and the addition to the menu of pulled pork sliders (R99, served with a local beer and rustic fries) are the perfect follow-up to a soupy starter.
Combining stunning views of Silverstar’s impressive fountains with food that stimulates the imagination, not only is Vigour & Verve ( a pleasant meeting/work location, but it also doubles as a dreamy date-night spot. The Express Breakfast (R34.90) will get you going in the morning, while the mutton curry (R130) includes a glass of wine and has become a fan favourite of guests who frequent the afro urban coffee shop.
For many families, going out for dinner (especially in winter) can be both a demanding and expensive experience: Multiple orders, restless little ones, and a long wait between deciding what to eat and being served… The solution? Billy G ( at Silverstar. This family-friendly, upmarket buffet restaurant has a wide selection of options, ready to be plated the minute you arrive. If that wasn’t enough to have you singing the outlet’s praises, the fact that children 3 years and younger eat for free (adults R185 per person) may just do the trick. Buckets ( of your favourite ciders (R160), local beers (R140), and a diverse choice of juice jugs (R55) aim to quench your thirst after some all-you-can-eat indulgence.
When you’re craving some good ol’ Italian fare, dripping with cheese and exploding with flavour, Col’Cacchio Silverstar’s ( inspired menu is where you’ll find satisfaction. At the restaurant where #EverySliceTellsAStory, the range of pizzas and pastas available will have you struggling to decide what to try next. Col’Caccio Silverstar is currently running a brand new special which means Tuesdays are could be your new favourite day of the week, the “I Love Twosday” ( special means you can purchase any pizza or pasta and get a second pizza or pasta absolutely free.

We have put together some mouth-watering footage of all the Silverstar dining outlets you can tempt your tastebuds:

Follow them on Twitter @SilverstarZA or keep up to date with their news on Facebook @SilverstarZA #LoveSilverstar
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Saturday, 19 May 2018

7 Days To 5th Birthday Celebrations #5YearsofTheLifesWay #27Dec2017 #Community

Hi Friends, 

A week's worth of posts and then I can relax until the end of this year when I complete 6 Years of The Life's Way. I have learned a lot and now I am applying the learnings from fellow bloggers and influencers. You need to be in the community if you seek any guidance or advice or help or support. These communities grow together and you learn from each other. We are not made in isolation and we can't progress in isolation. We always need to collaborate with several individuals and agencies to let our network grow further. I have been missing a lot on this parameter but now as I have opened my arms, a lot of new opportunities are coming my way this year. 

A lot of efforts are required if you need to collaborate and the first one being disciplined. It means that you need to do what you were supposed to do on a certain date or as promised to the other party. Sometimes in my life, I am too tired to do the same but I have made this a rule of my life, long back that if I have promised something, I will surely do it. Habits are difficult to make but once you make them, they will help you throughout your life. With passing time, as you grow older you become more and more wise and humble and you start to think from other person's perspective too. 

7 Days To 5th Birthday Celebrations #5YearsofTheLifesWay #27Dec2017 #Community
Trying Canon EOS M50 Mirrorless Camera #CanonRoadshow
Life is all about bringing your true potential and realizing your full potential. Mostly in our lives, we are not able to realize our own potential as we might not get suitable mentors or we never sought the guidance of anyone. Communities, if you a part of one, can take this disadvantage away from you as someone will be there to guide and mentor you. As I think of the past and connect the dots, I have been part of Landmark Forum community even before I started writing my blog and it helped me grow by putting me on right trajectory of thinking. It helped me grow myself from a boy to a man who valued his words.

Once I have started valuing my own words, I take time to respond and also say what is required to be said. But when you are in the industry of influencers then you need to constantly say, the same thing again and again to several people which might be boring to you but the other person will have a different reaction. You don't need to bring in a new topic of discussion in a single evening but the same talk with each and everyone present but make sure that the same person is never there in your conversations else he will find it boring to hell. I don't know how much benefit it will bring to you but I will definitely try out the same strategy at one of the next events I attend. Till that time...


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Why @BBCSouthAfrica #SaveMe #TVseries Will Have You Fixed on Your Couch @BBCLifeStyle

Hi Friends,

Finally, an Anti-Hero: Nelly is the guy that, 10 years ago in his south-east London local, The Palm Tree pub, all the men wanted to drink with and all the women wanted to get next to – a charmer, a chancer, a fighter, a liar. When Nelly is accused of kidnapping Jody, his daughter, he sets off on a journey to make things right and redeem himself. It is a journey through which he will discover a version of himself that neither he nor anyone around him thought possible.

The Gripping Plot: Save Me, is a six-part series that immediately captures you with the story of ‘Nelly’, played by award-winning Lennie James’(The Walking Dead), whose estranged daughter gets kidnapped after they make contact for the first time in ten years. In the investigation of his daughter’s disappearance, Nelly becomes a suspect and we follow him as he tries to clear his name and find the real criminals who took his daughter.
Why @BBCSouthAfrica #SaveMe #TVseries Will Have You Fixed on Your Couch @BBCLifeStyle
Fresh Faces: It’s always refreshing to watch a series with new actors and Save Me introduces us to plenty of young talents. Familiar to British TV audiences, South African audiences will be kept entertained by the acting skills of actresses like Alice Feethman who plays ‘Bernie’, a young wife whose relationship is put to the test following Nelly’s determination to find his daughter. Indeyarna Donaldson-Holness plays the role of Nelly’s daughter, ‘Jody’ who even though we hardly see her, we stay intrigued by her story of captivity.

You’re going to Need Something to Keep You Warm: The chilly season’s mandate will involve a lot of couch time when you opt to stay indoors instead of going out, and this show is (besides a blanket and the heater) what will keep you warmed up with all its suspenseful drama, if the humor doesn’t.

It’s An Award-Winning Production Team: Save Me is a series where you know you’re going to get quality acting and quality production. Suranne Jones, of Doctor Foster fame, plays Jody’s mother and Nelly’s estranged ex-girlfriend. Lennie James is an award winning actor and well-known to avid television watchers. He is also the executive producer and writer, BONUS.

Watch Save Me on BBC Lifestyle, Channel 174 premiering 6 June at 20:00

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From Stone to Smart Tablets and Back Again (oh, and the glitch in the road) @MadexExpo #Madex2018

Hi Friends,

By Nick Sarnadas, Portfolio Director, Specialised Exhibitions Montgomery
“I just want to be heard!” wails the marketing director (who shall remain anonymous due to his or her extreme thespian abilities).

Before you think this is one of those life-coaching columns, let me be direct: It’s not. It’s about retro marketing experiencing a revival. It’s about the importance of direct mail campaigns. In particular, the rise of mail (yes the real tangible stuff) and the slight traffic detour on the SA postal highway (did someone say PoPIA?).

As all good stories go, let’s start at the beginning: A long, long time ago time in Egypt, about 3,000 years ago, a landowner wrote an ad on papyrus offering a payment of gold in return for his runaway slave.

True story. You can view this ancient example of direct marketing in the British Museum.

Although the term “direct marketing” is only just over three decades old (having been coined by Lester Wunderman in 1987), beside the historic artifact referenced above, other ancient civilizations were already carving ads into stone tablets!

Skip ahead to present day and not only is chipping away at ads made easier, but the distribution of ads to the target market has evolved thanks to the rapid succession in invention following printing press: the computer, the internet and, of course, our beloved mobile devices.

Herewith ends the history lesson…or does it?

Not really. Nostalgia is making a comeback in the form of direct mail. The hard-copy papers received in letterboxes. For marketers and business owners, one of the biggest urban legends is that direct mail is dead and that it was killed by the internet.
From Stone to Smart Tablets and Back Again (oh, and the glitch in the road) @MadexExpo #Madex2018
The real scenario is that it’s not just alive and well, but that in fact, “direct mail could be considered superior to other marketing channels based on recent statistics and studies,” states a post on

It also highlights stats from the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), which found that overall, “direct mail’s response rates are actually anywhere from 10 to 30 times higher than that of digital. [It notes that] consumers, overwhelmed by inboxes cluttered with unsolicited marketing e-mails, are more receptive to direct mail, which arrives on a much less-cluttered channel.

Recently, published that “according to recent studies, more than 269 billion e-mails are sent daily. The chances of your marketing campaigns getting lost in the sea of spam are only set to increase as we rely more on technology. However, compared to that statistic, direct mail is said to be kept in the house for 17 days, with 87 percent of consumers trusting messages within direct mailing, and only 48 percent trusting what is said in e-mails.”

Ha, imagine the cool factor if everyone could receive a stone tablet! In fact, influencing the popularity and rise of direct mail is its perceived value. It’s emotive: to receive something tangible adds to a more authentic human experience.

Perhaps it is also a sense of security that direct mail extracts from people of all generations (yes, millennials included). Opening mass e-mails opens individuals up to cybercrime and data mining. There’s certainly no phishing threat however when receiving a postcard.

Marketers should therefore thoroughly embrace this retro resurgence – the possibilities are endless, ironically, thanks to digital driving the traditional. Some of the technological advances and developments in the industry mentioned by include multi-channel integration (this refers to the combination of the primary forms of marketing: digital and direct mail), programmatic mail (which provides companies with the power to transform online activity into hyper-personalised mail), augmented reality (think of the success of Pokemon Go and the rise of QR codes – two worlds are colliding), dimensional mailers (as the term states – it’s stuff that does not fit in an envelope) and then….PoPIA – the South African Protection of Personal Information Act.

The reality is that direct mail success relies on clean customer data. Importantly though, the PoPIA legislation needs to be prioritized before you even begin to collect customer data or you could face hefty fines, a big ding in your reputation, your best direct mail campaign lying crumpled in a wastebasket, and a revival that was never revived.

Jano Fourie, SEESA consumer protection and PoPIA legal advisor, says that direct marketing is defined by the PoPI Act “as any means to approach a data subject, either in person or by mail or electronic communication, for the direct or indirect purpose of promoting or offering to supply any goods or services in the ordinary course of business, or alternatively requesting a data subject to make a donation of any kind.”

He further explains that a data subject (defined in terms of the Act as any person on whose behalf a company holds personal information), may only be contacted for direct marketing purpose on two very specific situations: The data subject must consent to receive such communication; and the data subject must be an existing client of the business, whose information has been retrieved in the marketing of similar goods and services as those offered to the data subject and the data subject must have been provided with an opportunity to reasonably object at any time to their information being collected.

Fourie stresses that it is important to note that consent in this instance should always be obtained in writing, unless reasonably impossible, as the business will have the responsibility to prove that consent has been given by a data subject to process his or her information in the instance.

Get it right (both creatively and legislatively) and you’ll have charmed your customers standing head and shoulders above your competitor crowd. You’ll have been heard!

Hooked on marketing trends? Well then, you’re going to love Madex 2018, the ultimate marketing, advertising, design, social media and all that good stuff expo. We’ve got an entire panel of dynamic, expert presenters speaking at the show, so visit, or download the Madex app on Google Play or iTunes, to see the full seminar programme and to plan your trip accordingly!

Madex 2018 takes place on 06 and 07 June this year at Sandton Convention Centre and is strategically co-located once again with Markex 2018, Africa’s premier promotional event, now in its 31st year.


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@SamsungSA Changes The Way #Hotels Interact With Guests #eBoard #SmartKey

Hi Friends,
In his 2018 State of the Nation Address, President Cyril Ramaphosa encouraged South Africans to “open their homes and their hearts to the world”[i]. He also indicated that “our prosperity as a nation depends on our ability to take full advantage rapid technological change.” Technology in tourism is fast becoming a vital aspect of South Africa’s future.

Mike van Lier, Director of Consumer Electronics for Samsung South Africa, says, “How technology can be integrated into hospitality has been considered and developed by Samsung; we offer a complete solution for hotels. From self-check-in to optimized building management, the future of travel in South Africa looks to be revolutionary.”

Here’s what travelers can expect from Smart Hospitality:

Connected Guest ExperiencesSome hotel chains already have Smart Key apps which are integrated into Smartphones which allows guests to receive check-in information and unlock their doors using their mobile device. In-room control enables guests to remotely control the air conditioning, lights, and curtains in their room – this also has energy saving benefits for the hotel operator. Not to forget the all-important in-room entertainment system. Guests can check their hotel accounts via the smart Hotel TV solution and avoid the queues at the lobby reception by using an express check out function and receive their invoices via email.
@SamsungSA Changes The Way #Hotels Interact With Guests #eBoard #SmartKey
Shopping and Information
Most consumers are accustomed digital displays within retail areas by now. Hotels can now offer guests a similar experience through interactive information available at a touch of a button on their Hotel TV remote control which already includes menus for food and a plethora of in-house hotel experiences.

Business Travellers
Samsung’s business solutions are vast and apart from connectivity, many businesses use hotels for brainstorming and meeting activities. The Samsung E-board with touch-screen display or the new Flip, with the digital flip-board capability and integrated connectivity, are just two tools that greatly enhance businesses collaborative communication.

“It’s not just guests who benefit from the seamless service offered by technology; Samsung has solutions for optimized hotel operations, smart building management, as well as staff communication through wearables and mobile devices,” concludes van Lier.

Travelers will be in full control of their hotel experience, whether it’s turning off lights, changing the air conditioning temperature or checking in and out at a convenient time. One thing is for sure, the butler most certainly won’t be doing any of it.



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24 Interesting Facts About #Television Around the #World @SamsungSA #QLEDTV

Hi Friends,

With the brisk winter weather upon us, people will be huddled up in front of their televisions to spend a cozy night indoors. To start off TV season, here are 24 interesting facts about television from around the world.

1. A recent Samsung survey found that it isn’t reality TV or soaps that make us most likely to tune in, but documentaries1, with 41% claiming it is their favorite TV genre.

2. Based on the above, it is probably no surprise that Blue Planet II is currently the most watched show of 2017, peaking with 14.1 million viewers2.

3. In Australia, the iconic State of the Origin rugby match between Queensland and New South Wales drew in the most viewers of 2017 to date with 4.1 million people3.

4. Whilst in China, it’s an internet-based “rap reality” show pulling in the viewers. The Rap of China showcase young and feisty contestants hoping for their big break into the world of hip-hop, with more than 2.5 billion views to date4.

5. Back in the UK, Only Fools & Horses was voted the most popular sitcom of all time in Samsung’s poll.

6. Strictly Come Dancing beat off some stiff competition when it came to the best reality or talent show.

7. When it comes to those in front of the camera, the USA is home to some of the best-paid stars of television. According to Forbes, Dr Phil is currently the highest paid presenter in the world earning a reported $79 million (R1, 1 billion).

8. Sofia Vergara is reportedly the highest paid television actress at $41.5 million (R582.2 million).

9. And, Kim Kardashian’s business empire means she is the highest paid reality star with a reported fortune of $51 million (R715.5 million).

10. Behind the camera, Netflix hit The Crown is the most expensive of all time, costing $130 million (R1.8 billion) to produce5.

11. In South Africa this year, MultiChoice added subscribers to its growing base, bringing the combined closing base (digital terrestrial television and satellite) to 11.9 million households6.

12. According to a MyBroadband survey of 1,587 IT professionals and tech-savvy individuals in South Africa, 73.85% of respondents said they were an online pirate, while 51.17% of respondents said they subscribed to a media streaming service7.
24 Interesting Facts About #Television Around the #World @SamsungSA #QLEDTV
13. This survey also showed that Netflix was by far the most popular streaming service in the country, with 84.85% of users signed up for a Netflix package.

14. Of those in this survey who did not subscribe to a streaming service, their primary reasons were: All my media needs are taken care of thanks to piracy – 42.27%; I can’t afford it – 38.08%; and my internet connection at home is too slow – 37.53%.

15. Of the respondents in this survey who did subscribe to a streaming service, 31.65% said they also subscribed to DStv.

16. American TV show M*A*S*H takes the crown for the most-watched episode ever, with 103 million viewers tuning in for the final ever installment7.

17. Samsung’s recent survey also shows we’re watching more television than ever, with a fifth of us claiming to watch more TV now than we did five years ago thanks to on-demand technology and viewer’s appetite for binge-watching.

18. Game of Thrones was voted in the survey as being the most-bingeable show of all8.

19. Game of Thrones also hit the top spot when it came to the most hotly anticipated TV show return.

20. Size matters; Samsung research shows that 40 inches were the average TV screen size globally in 2016.

21. 25% of TVs sold in 2016 had a 50-inch screen.

22. 90% claim they would like a screen which is 60 inches big. And here I can proudly say that I am already using 65" inch curved Samsung UHD TV.

23. To date, Samsung has sold 427 million televisions around the world.

24. Which all makes for a lot of telly watching! Approximately eight years in our lifetime!9.

1. Samsung survey conducted amongst 2 000 adults in the UK by OnePoll, November 2017


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@SonyXperiaZA Get You Up Close & Personal With @OnesimusMuzik @TelkomZA Near You

Hi Friends, 
Sony Mobile and Telkom are excited to announce that Onesimus fans will now get the opportunity to meet the man behind the mic at a series of dedicated signing sessions in and around Johannesburg from May to June 2018. The sessions have been planned to celebrate the partnership between Sony Mobile, Telkom, and Onesimus and the exclusive deal available on the Xperia XA2 Ultra, Dual Sim Smartphone.

The African celebrated music artist Onesimus will be available at the following venues in Johannesburg and Pretoria, to reinforce his commitment to Sony Mobile and Telkom.

26 May – Telkom, Menlyn Mall, 12h00 to 14h00
9 June – Telkom, Festival Mall, 12h00 to 14h00
30 June – Telkom, Moponya Mall, 12h00 to 14h00
@SonyXperiaZA Get You Up Close & Personal With @OnesimusMuzik @TelkomZA Near You
“This relationship with Sony Mobile and Telkom means so much to me as a growing artist in South Africa. As a music artist and songwriter, it is important for me to share what I do on social media – which is why I am particularly impressed by the Xperia XA2 Ultra dual camera for selfies. There are two selfie camera’s, which makes it great for taking selfies with my fans.” says Onesimus

Purchase an XA2 Ultra Dual Sim from Telkom for R339 per month for 24 months on the FreeMe 1GB deal and receive a free made for Xperia cover as well as three Onesimus soundtracks ‘I Need You’, ‘Freedom’ and ‘Tchuku Tchuku’, available for download through Xperia Lounge.

To follow all updates keep an eye out on Sony Mobile’s Facebook page and Twitter page


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Friday, 18 May 2018

@SiemensAfrica Introduces #iCitizen: The Day in The Life of The #DigitalNomad @FluxTrends

Hi Friends,

Dion Chang captivated his audience last night at his talk on the iCitizen: The day in the life of the digital nomad. Siemens customers are no strangers to the innovation and ground-breaking technologies that the company invests to ensure a seamless life created effortlessly with the extraordinary features.

Consumers only had to follow the trends and announcements at EuroCucina this year to know just how competitive the digital consumer-centric space really is, regardless of industry and product. Some of the highlights included the Siemens Home Connect making it possible for consumers to view the contents of their fridge or setting the oven temperature while sitting at work or perhaps getting caught up in the grocery store.
@SiemensAfrica Introduces #iCitizen: The day in the Life of the #DigitalNomad @FluxTrends
Dion Chang talking on the topic of the iCitizen
“The talk highlights how flexible we should be as employers, consumers, and brands in today’s digital world. From human digital identification chips to nomadic employees, the world is rapidly changing. The facts will either scare you or excite you, either way, these changes are happening now and it is our choice on how susceptible we are to embrace this new age”, says Dion Chang.

Enrico Hoffmann, Managing Director of BSH South Africa supported this and says that “Siemens has always taken technology advancement very seriously. One only has to look at the string of benefits that the products offer to understand that this brand is focussed on connecting the consumer with a world of possibilities.”

As always, Dion gave guests some food for thought, challenged opinions and made everyone realize that the technological advancements that we may regard as far-fetched Sci-Fi is in actual-fact on our doorstep.
@SiemensAfrica Introduces #iCitizen: The day in the Life of the #DigitalNomad @FluxTrends
Dion Chang and Enrico Hoffmann

More about Dion Chang
Chang is known for rattling traditional cages in a world struggling to adapt to a new world order, he uses a global perspective to gauge the zeitgeist and track ahead-of-the-curve trends to identify shifting business templates. With 20 years’ experience in the magazine industry as a journalist and media spokesperson, he is able to provide insights into the ever-changing relationship between brands, consumers and the communication channels that bind them. He specializes as a disruption management consultant and is passionate about embedding a culture of innovation into corporate operating systems. He has a deep affiliation for youth trends and subcultures, their impact, and influence on our new world order, as well as innovative ideas for greater good. Chang is also part of Flux Trends specializes in understanding consumer mindset and identifying unexpected business opportunities within shifting trends, ensuring that global trends have relevance when translated for African, and South African businesses.

More about Siemens
Siemens Home Appliances is the brand that provides its customers with a captivating product experience - a brand for the unexpected and exhilarating new opportunities in life. This brand contributes to the metropolitan lifestyle with architectural aesthetics and timeless design. In terms of technology, the brand’s focus on connectivity and flexibility has enabled them to become the worldwide market leader in innovation. For more information about how Siemens can help you to bring recipes to life through innovation and technology, feel free to visit their website;

More about BSH  
With annual sales of around €13.1 billion in 2016 and more than 58 000 employees, BSH Hausgeräte GmbH is one of the global leaders in the home appliance sector. BSH manufactures at around 40 factories, operates over 80 companies and has a presence in around 50 countries. The BSH Brand Experience Centre in Johannesburg is located at 30 Archimedes Street, Kramerville, Sandton, 2090. They are open to the public from Monday to Friday, 08:30 to 16:00 and Saturdays, 09:00 to 12:30. For more information about the BSH Home Appliance group, you can visit

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Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Gear Up for #Adventure With @TrekBikes #EmondaALR4 #CheckpointSL6 #SouthAfrica

Hi Friends,

They say that life is a journey and that you should enjoy the ride. There’s nothing quite as satisfying as knowing your ride will take you exactly where you want to go, in such a way that you wish the journey would never end. As a world leader in mountain bike technology, Trek constantly assesses its product offering, adapting and expanding ranges to rise to the expectations of adrenalin junkies and adventure seekers all over the world.

Two exciting new range additions are Trek gravel bikes and touring bikes.
Gravel bikes can be ridden almost anywhere, both on the road and off it. Gravel bikes are for those days when you know you want to hit the wide-open spaces, but you’re not quite sure where they’ll take you. Trek touring bikes expand your horizons exponentially. Adventure touring bikes are built to stand up to the rigors of the traveling through cities, mountains, deserts … any direction your wanderlust pulls you in! Trek touring bikes give you the freedom to explore more.

Level with the gravel on your new Trek Checkpoint!
Trek’s all-new Checkpoint gravel bike is guaranteed to put the fun back into your journey! This bike is designed exclusively for the adventure-minded gravel rider, incorporating a new geometry which is paired with quality specs that will hold up for long, rugged miles on pavement, dirt and the most treacherous gravel roads.

The bike that checks all the boxes
In South Africa, Checkpoint is being released in both carbon and aluminum models to cater for every rider’s needs. The Checkpoint SL6 is built from Trek’s premium 500 Series OCLV Carbon, while the ALR 4 features Trek’s lightweight 300 Series Alpha Aluminium, contributing to the bike’s uber-quick ride feel.
Trek Bikes Checkpoint SL 6
The flagship Checkpoint SL 6 boasts a full Shimano Ultegra 2 x 11 drivetrain, Bontrager’s Paradigm Comp Disc wheels paired with Shimano RT800 Ice-Tech FREEZA rotors, and finned brake pads for lightweight durability and extra stopping power. The ALR 4 will cater for entry-level riders and features Shimano’s Tiagra 10-speed drivetrain and a wide-range 11-34 cassette. Both models come equipped with 700 x 35c Schwalbe gravel tires, tubeless-ready Bontrager wheels, and flat-mount disc brakes. One of Checkpoint’s most exciting developments is its unique, gravel-specific geometry. The new dimensions offer comfort for the long haul and on rough terrain but remain aggressive enough to provide the speed and responsive ride-feel most gravel riders crave.

Checkpoint features a nearly identical reach to that of Trek’s Boone cyclocross bike, but with a slightly taller stack, and lower bottom bracket height. Chainstay length and wheelbase are the same. The lower bottom bracket provides the additional stability riders look for on long grinds while maintaining a tight wheelbase, long reach, and relatively low stack height which keeps Checkpoint fast and maneuverable.

Tech you can trust
The Checkpoint SL 6 features the same Rear IsoSpeed decoupler used on Domane and Boone. IsoSpeed minimizes pesky, fatiguing vibrations from even the most uneven riding surfaces, ensuring comfort that goes the distance. The SL models also include a carbon seat mast cap, Trek’s Carbon Armour to protect the frame from debris and facilitate easy conversion to a 1x or electronic drivetrain. All models feature 12 mm front and rear thru axles and Control Freak internal cable routing for easy cleanly organized cables that are protected from the mud and dirt that will inevitably feature on the Checkpoint rider’s journey.

Play it your way
The customization is a breeze with Checkpoint. Stranglehold dropouts let the rider adjust the bike’s geometry and gearing based on the requirements of the day’s ride. For example, the longest setting increases the bike’s stability for longer rides or bike packing, while shortening the wheelbase provides snappier, more responsive handling for gravel racing. The dropouts also facilitate quick, no-fuss conversion to single speed.

While the stock 35 mm Schwalbe tyres hit the sweet-spot for most riders, fitting other widths quickly changes Checkpoint’s identity. The rider hitting crushed limestone trails to link pavement will love firm and fast-rolling 28 mm slicks, while the dedicated dirt road explorer can run 45 mm knobbles to tackle the rockiest routes. So what’s your pleasure? The choice is yours!
Trek Bikes Emonda ALR 4
Mounts to make the most of the ride
The checkpoint is covered in mounts for even more functional versatility. Mounts on the seat tube and down tube allow riders to fit 3 bottles in the main triangle (sizes 56 cm and larger), or position two bottles low while leaving room for a frame bag. There’s also space for an additional bottle underneath the down tube. Lowrider fork mounts will take a rack such as Trek’s 720 fork rack, as just one example. Rear rack mounts provide the option to haul even more cargo, and hidden fender mounts keep the ride clean in even the worst weather. SL models include a top tube mount to quickly attach an easy-to-reach bag for ride essentials.

Time to make tracks on your Trek 920 touring bike!
The new Trek 920 touring bike opens up a world of experiences you never dreamed existed. It’s a get-up-and-go-anywhere bike, built with drop-bars and 29er mountain bike wheels for balance and performance on any surface you’re set to encounter along the way. The 920 comes with front and rear racks for a ridiculous amount of carrying capacity, so all you must do is select a spot on your map and GO!

Room to roam … go big; don’t go home!
There’s no need to be intimidated by the road ahead. When the pavement ends, the 920 is just getting started. This rugged adventure tourer sports an off-road drivetrain, opening up endless journey options. And don’t let a bit of gravel stop you either; the 920 is equipped to handle whatever lies on or off the beaten track, getting its precious cargo there safely!

All the pros you’ll need for your trip
We’re talking versatile geometry with drop bars, wide gearing range, and rack and fender compatibility give this bike do-anything attitude. Super-agile, the 920’s strong Alpha Aluminium frame is quick on the pavement, tough on the trail, and compatible with our DuoTrap S fitness-tracking sensor. Steadfast stopping power and weatherproof disc brakes give you heart-stopping peace of mind in all conditions.

Go on. Test-ride a new Trek, today!
Trek’s entrance into the dedicated gravel and touring bike markets is set up for a show-stopping success in South Africa. Isn’t it time you seized the day and owned the road? For additional information on Checkpoint, 920 or Trek retailers, visit Join the conversations on Facebook: or Twitter: and Instagram:

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8 Days To 5th Birthday Celebrations #5YearsofTheLifesWay #27Dec2017 #Habits

Hi Friends, 

The Life's Way started with an idea and now has become my daily passion to create unique content on one of the social media channels. It can be in the form of any new Instagram posts or writing something on my blog. There is something or the other that you always have to do it on a daily basis. It's like a habit more than anything else to run this business of social media influence. I don't run it like a business but more like an act of fun and time to relax. I have invested a lot of time in this and have got a lot of benefits from the same. 

I am not saying I am number 1 or I have done great to date but I am working on it and wants to do something good. I am creating what I am learning and learning what I am creating. Blogging is all about the start and once you start you have to continue on the same daily, weekly or monthly or yearly day in day out. I have been doing the same for more than 5 years as earlier I used to participate in twitter and facebook contests before starting my blog. You have to remain active for certain hours on Twitter to participate in their contests by several brands.

8 Days To 5th Birthday Celebrations #5YearsofTheLifesWay #27Dec2017 #Habits
Aashish Rai  - #TheLifesWay #PhotoYatra

The power is to start and not thinking to get it perfect before you even start. As you start, you can master the art and come up with ideas to market it better. I am too postponing my Youtube channel just to be perfect but there is no perfection as it needs to be started and then I can see where I am lagging and where can I implement something. I need to work on making a plan what content, what language I will keep my youtube channel in and then I will be starting the same soon. Also with videos is that you need to overcome your self-consciousness you are representing your speaking style, accent and many other things to your viewers. I have tried to shoot it but could not do it unless there was some contest involved in the same.

But Let's Start and make it a habit to do the things as soon as they are thought of. Once my college professor told me and it turned out to be true, that You will keep planning whereas others will come back home with trophies. So, just start and learn along the way. That will be my advice to all of the young bloggers who are starting to create something unique. I have opened up a bit with a lot of new people and I am having fun talking to all of them which was one of the topics I discussed in my earlier write-ups. Have a great day and night!

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Sunday, 13 May 2018

UPZ Celebrates 10 years in the Industry With New Album Release @UPZ_soWHAT #DropIt

Hi Friends,

Internationally renowned producer / artist, UPZ - that brought us Mzansi classics including Pure Surprise, Uzongilinda, Believing and What's The Point plus collaborations with Black Motion, Cuebur, Black Coffee and more – marks his 10th anniversary in the music industry with a brand new album titled, Drop It, on various digital platforms. Now available to order on iTunes

The long-anticipated new album is a step forward in the musical direction of the South African-Israeli producer and DJ. Not content with the tried and tested, UPZ experiments and ventures into new sonic avenues whilst continuously extending his collaboration tentacles.

House music textures may lay the foundation of the album, but UPZ is not shy to explore the different terrains within the genre; from afro house beats to fusing elements of soul, hip-hop, nu disco and Jamaican dub. Most apparent when listening to Drop It is UPZ’s penchant for vocals and songwriting. The album sees him collaborating with both well-known and upcoming artists from South Africa and abroad including BlackwHole, Lifford, Proverb, Mariechan (Jamali), Jocelyn Mathieu, Siò, Thantaswa, Pearl, Shanteh, Obi Sanaa and Chris Rouse.
UPZ Celebrates 10 years in the Industry With New Album Release @UPZ_soWHAT
Beyond the mere exploration of universal themes of love and relationships, Drop It finds UPZ lyrically tap into topics of social relevance & mystique, specifically with tracks like Drop It (feat Thantaswa), Sangoma's Theme (feat Lifford), And In Time (with BlackwHole) and A Dream Away (with Siò, award-winning vocalist of 1000 Memories with Julian Gomes). Concurrently, UPZ crafts his production with the dancefloor in mind, with plenty of groove appeal throughout.

Disco Girl (the latest radio single) and Magic With You explore nu disco sonic aesthetics, whilst Take Me Away (feat Shanteh), Unbreakable (feat Pearl) and Say What U Want (feat Mariechan & Proverb) convey afro-soul influenced rhythms.

UPZ’s 2007 self-titled debut (Japan, Rambling Records) featured his breakout single, Pure Surprise which secured him a no.1 hit in South Africa in 2009. In 2012, his album, Pioneers of House: UPZ (Soul Candi) included production collaborations with Black Coffee, Black Motion & Qness.

Support for UPZ productions have poured in from leading DJs including Fresh, Euphonic, Vinny Da Vinci, Black Coffee, Louis Vega & DJ Kent and his releases have graced powerhouse labels Defected, Strictly Rhythms and Objektivity (Dennis Ferrer).

Born in Tel Aviv, UPZ moved to Nairobi, Kenya with his family at the age of five and two years later relocated to South Africa. After graduating from Wits University, he decided to pursue his passion for music upon moving back to Tel Aviv. Africa, however, continuously beckoned and UPZ returned to SA in 2014 and currently resides in Johannesburg.

“This album has been over two years in the making,” says UPZ. “I feel truly happy with the direction the album has taken and was honored to have worked with some great artists, songwriters, and vocalists in its formation.”

Drop It contains ten new tracks, some of which have already charted nationwide on leading radio stations (Sangoma's Theme, Say What U Want), plus a bonus track of the new remix of Pure Surprise (2017 Sunrise Mix) currently on high rotation on music channels MTV base and Trace Urban and which charted on multiple radio stations across SA.

Drop It is available via soWHAT Records on all digital platforms (iTunes order link). The album launch took place at the BlackwHole Lounge in Mamelodi West on Friday, 27 October with guest artists BlackwHole, Twister, Mams Black Project, Maghaula, and Footsounds. R40 entry and the album will be available to purchase.

Drop It Tracklist:
1. Disco Girl – UPZ feat Jocelyn Mathieu
2. Drop It – UPZ feat Thantaswa
3. Sangoma's Theme – UPZ feat Lifford
4. A Dream Away – Sió & UPZ
5. Magic With You – UPZ feat Chris Rouse
6. Take Me Away – UPZ feat Shantéh
7. And In Time – BlackwHole & Obi Sanaa (co-prod UPZ)
8. Village Ghetto Style – UPZ feat Chris Rouse
9. Unbreakable – UPZ feat Pearl
10. Say What U Want (Afro Mix) – UPZ feat Mariechan & Proverb
11. Pure Surprise (Sunrise Mix) – UPZ feat DKP

soWHAT Records is boutique label based in Johannesburg and established 2007. The label has released productions and singles from leading SA producers like Black Coffee, Black Motion, UPZ, Cuebur, BlackwHole and Qness and have featured vocalists such as Maleh, Proverb, Harrison Crump and Kafele (USA). Stand out singles include Pure Surprise by UPZ, Uzongilinda by Qness, Endless Motion by Dahl Hates Disco, Believing by UPZ and Afrika Wo-man by Black Motion & UPZ and Love is Not For Hire by Avi Elman (Black Coffee Remix) and have licensed to labels Soul Candi, Sheer, Defected, Strictly Rhythm, Objektivity (Dennis Ferrefer) and more.

soWHAT on Social Media

UPZ on Social Media
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Form vs Function in #MobilePhones: How #Design #Aesthetics Have Evolved? @HuaweiZA #SeeMooore

Hi Friends,

By Akhram Mohamed, Marketing Director, Huawei Consumer Business Group South Africa
When cell phones first entered the market in the 1980s, it was obvious that form had been sacrificed on the altar of function. There was nothing remotely aesthetically appealing about the good old ‘brick’, from its bulky body to its scrawny pull-out aerial, to its bland black hue. Luckily, the brick is long gone and has been pushed aside for sleek, colorful devices. The form is now every bit as important as function, and the two need to complement one another to ensure an even better smartphone experience.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
The journey of cellphone design enhancement has been a long one. The very first mainstream mobile phones were rather nondescript – black, formless, and cumbersome. In those early days, cell phones were primarily used as business tools and were exorbitantly expensive. Because it was a new technology, the design was not the primary consideration for mobile phones; in fact, it wasn’t considered at all.

However, as cell phones became more mainstream in the early 2000s, and the consumer audience for this product grew, aesthetic appeal became far more important. Brands jostled one another for their share of the mobile phone pie, in an effort to secure and maintain their place on the winners’ podium. One of their battlegrounds was design. In the early days of the smartphone era, phone design was far less uniform, and each brand devised their own unique ‘look’. Users were also able to customize their phones to reflect their personality – phone color, size, and shape variants all communicated something about the person who was holding the device. Consumers also expressed themselves through their choice of funky phone covers, colorful wallpapers, and distinctive ringtones.
Form vs Function in #MobilePhones: How Design Aesthetics Have Evolved? @HuaweiZA #SeeMooore
Smart, beautiful, or both?
One of the smartphone designs that really caught the eye of design lovers all around the world was the Motorola RAZR. It was slim, sleek, and beautiful. This slender flip phone came in a range of striking colors and slipped easily into your pocket. Even its thin buttons were elegant. Unfortunately, it didn’t rate very highly in terms of technological advancement, but nevertheless became one of the top best-selling mobile phones of all time. This emphasized that users were demanding more of their cellphone aesthetics than ever before. Phones could be objects of beauty and not just utility.

When the smartphone era really began to take off around 2007/2008, phones became ‘smart’ not only in their functionality but in their design too. Gone were the clunky keys of their predecessors; instead, they were replaced by ‘invisible’ keyboards, which only came to life when the user summoned them. As a result, their screens were larger, which not only made the phones easier to use but also highlighted a shift towards valuing the visual. The shape and size of the phones got even sleeker as technology progressed.

However, this technological advancement also brought with it uniform design, and these days it can be difficult to find something in a phone’s aesthetics that can uniquely distinguish it from its competitors. In contrast to most phone manufacturers, however, Huawei has increasingly delivered more in terms of device design. This is especially evident in our new Huawei P20 series, which is an exquisite combination of art and technology for the fashion forward. The aesthetics of these devices are striking, especially when it comes to color, as they exhibit vivid and gradual changes in hue, rather than solid, motionless color. This unique effect is caused by light refracting off the surface of the phone and can be found in all of the colors in our range – Twilight, Midnight Blue, and Black. Another aspect of our Huawei P20 series that adds to the design experience is its FullView Display, which blends seamlessly with the phone’s rounded edges. This allows for an exquisite visual experience when viewing media on the device, or even just using an app.

It’s clear, then, that mobile phone design has come a long way since the era of the bulky, black brick. This design evolution is a promise of appealing aesthetics on the horizon, and it will be exciting to see where the next step in the journey takes us. 
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Saturday, 12 May 2018

Why You Can’t Afford to Ignore #Blockchain & #Cryptocurrencies Any Longer @VegaSchool

Hi Friends,

It’s a pretty safe bet that you’ve already heard of blockchain technology, cryptocurrency and the enigma that is Bitcoin – they’re arguably some of the biggest buzzwords to come out of the digital era. However, for something that’s got a lot of people talking – and the likes of Microsoft and JP Morgan Chase investing billions in establishing business-friendly versions of it – there is an overwhelming majority of people who still don’t have a clue about the cryptocurrency industry.

Vega (a brand of the Independent Institute of Education – The IIE) in partnership with CoinEd, an organization focused on educating the public on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, share some of the biggest reasons why you can’t afford to ignore this emerging technology.

Blockchain experts are in high demand
There is currently a huge demand for talent in this industry, with many companies on the hunt for people who not only understand the blockchain industry but who can also do everything from mining Bitcoin to being able to consult on contentious issues like legality and taxation. However, the talent pool for this industry remains rather shallow, with a ratio of 14 job openings to a single blockchain developer, according to a recent TechCrunch article. Whether you’re looking to change your career or make yourself an indispensable asset at work, understanding the technology will open more doors for you in the professional world.

It’s going to be an industry-wide game changer

Blockchain technology is expected to have a massive impact on several industries in the future, most notably the financial sector. For instance, blockchains make it possible to rule out third-party involvement in financial transactions, allowing for safe and secure digital cash transfers between two individuals. According to Kreaan Singh, CEO, and co-founder of CoinEd, this is just one example of how blockchain technology is set to disrupt industries.
Why you Can’t Afford to Ignore #Blockchain & #Cryptocurrencies Any Longer @VegaSchool
“At the moment, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology is still in a phase of experimentation and development, but we are seeing incredible similarities to the growth of the internet in the 90’s and rapid adoption in the early 2000’s, he says. “When this happens in the blockchain industry, we’re going to see true value, and those who have taken the time to understand what the technology is about are the ones who stand to benefit the most.”

Get your privacy back
Looking back on 2017 alone, the sheer volume of isolated incidents of data breaches has placed the world on high alert, particularly when it comes to the security of people’s private and sensitive information. Online users are becoming increasingly skeptical about sharing their personal information over the internet, especially in light of the recent Facebook privacy scandal that saw millions of users information lifted and used without permission, but blockchain technology may be a solution to this problem in the future.

Instead of sharing everything from our identity numbers to our bank details with every individual platform we interact with online, blockchains allow us to store that information in a ‘decentralised’ ledger that we can easily and securely connect with third-party platforms when the need arises. This means that you would no longer have to worry about ‘Big Brother’ watching your every move – and at the very least, it would mean having to remember fewer passwords.

We are still the early adopters
Technologically speaking, blockchain technology is where the internet was 20 years ago and, much like the early stages of the internet, blockchains will create opportunities that we have not even imagined yet.
Why you Can’t Afford to Ignore #Blockchain & #Cryptocurrencies Any Longer @VegaSchool
“The cryptocurrency and blockchain community is relatively small in South Africa and even the world, and it needs buy-in from more people to reach its full potential,” says Singh. “This is why we’ve partnered with Vega to deliver a course that provides people with a better understanding of the technology while encouraging wider adoption of the technology in South Africa.”

Find out more about the short course available to study at Vega at the upcoming discussion and industry overview of Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies, and Blockchains, taking place on Thursday, 10 May 2018 at the Vega Jo’burg campus, where the CoinEd team will share insights into the exciting and fast-paced world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

About Vega
Vega is an educational brand of The Independent Institute of Education (The IIE). The IIE is South Africa’s leading and largest private higher education institution and is internationally accredited by the British Accreditation Council (BAC).

Vega’s teaching philosophy is built on the mantra of wisdom with magic, creating an academic environment that is based on experiential learning where creatives are trained in strategy and strategists in design-thinking. As South Africa’s only brand focused school, Vega aims to inspire a new breed of thinkers with the expertise to generate meaningful brand ideas that link business profit to adding value to people’s lives.

The IIE Vega students graduate at a work-ready level, with 95% of 2016 graduates employed within 6 months of completing their qualification *includes part-time and freelance positions. Vega was also ranked first in the national Loerie Awards Top Educational Institutions in 2017, maintaining its reputation as a leader in the South African higher education arena.

Students can enroll for IIE undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, diplomas, higher certificates and short courses in design, brand communication, and brand management, at The IIE Vega campuses across South Africa.
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Would Your Mom be Proud of Your @Uber_RSA Rating? #UberESCAPE #MothersDay

Hi Friends,

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, Uber has decided to tweak the celebrations and reconsider the gifting. A mother’s best gift is her kids and what better gift to give a mum, than another reason to be proud, and yes, maybe boast a little! Uber wants all parents to be as proud of their kids, as they are of their riders.

Your Uber rating says a whole lot about you before you even meet your driver, and in this world, first impressions stick. So why not take a few simple steps to improve, boost or just simply maintain the 5-star rider that you know your worth:

Hello… Is it Uber you’re looking for?
Ensure that the pin dropped is where you need your driver-partner to pick you up. This will allow your Uber driver-partner to easily pick you up on time, because an adult game of hide-and-seek, isn’t a valid excuse for being late to a meeting.

Say my name, say my name
Next, it’s a greeting, because besides being an icebreaker, it’s the first step in creating a conversation and introducing yourself ensure that it’s the right Uber you are getting into. Don’t forget to also check the license plate number and vehicle color on your app before getting in.

All settled in and buckled up? Okay then, the journey has begun. An Uber driver-partner understands that sometimes you need to make those last minute changes to a presentation before your meeting, so rather select a playlist that you both like and the driver-partner can enjoy in silence. However, if you aren’t busy working, Uber encourages you to engage with the driver-partner. Most drivers would love a conversation that isn’t just made from song lyrics as it makes the drive feel shorter and more pleasant. To help with this, why not check out the driver-partner profile, for some fun similarities and conversation starters?
Would Your Mom be Proud of Your @Uber_RSA rating? #UberESCAPE #MothersDay
What is mine is yours
Driver-partners take great care and pride to ensure that the vehicle you are traveling in is both pristine and of quality, so they give you the best experience. So please ensure that you would treat their vehicle like you would your own. You can’t a mess and expect to be treated like an A-lister. Treat your driver’s vehicle like it’s your own. Driver-partners often use their own vehicles, so please do your best to ensure that the vehicle is in the same condition when you get out as it was when you got in.

Ready or not, here Uber comes
Time is money, and at Uber, that’s the currency we use, so please do be mindful of your driver-partners time. If you’re requesting for a group of friends, gather up your crew before requesting.

Lastly, it’s all about respect, because mama ain’t raise no disrespectful child. Before you know it, you are at your destination, and it felt like asking a friend for a favor, rather than requesting an Uber.

And there you have it, these tips should give you a 5-star rating and one your mom will certainly be proud of.

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