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Thursday, 2 March 2017

Your Next Lyricist Arrives @RussianBearSA #IamNext Competition #SouthAfrica

Hi Guys,
The time has come! Russian Bear has selected the top three lyricists in their #IamNext competition and called on fans in SA to vote for the lyricist that they deem worthy of having his likeness featured on the next Limited Edition Russian Bear bottle along with his original lines. Now it's time for results which will be announced on 6 March 2017.

Inspired by the iconic Limited Edition Russian Bear x Riky Rick bottle featuring the popular muso and his lyrics, budding hip hop lyricist across the country were given the chance to enter their attention-grabbing one-liners. Three aspiring music lovers are now one step closer to glory.
Vote For Your Next Lyricist @RussianBearSA #IamNext #SouthAfrica
Ready to meet the front-runners?

Keagan Rhoda, AKA Spektak
“Seeking truth to my wishes. A man on a mission.
No matter what you do you’ll never kill my ambition.”

Hailing from the Western Cape, Keagan is ready to make his music dreams come true. He shares: “I've always wanted to be someone influential and I believe that by investing enough time and effort we will achieve our dreams. My peers would laugh at me and joke about the fact that I believed I could make a living and build a legacy through hip hop. So, my lyrics are basically me saying forget those people and their opinions, I'm GOING to make this work. No matter who says what, they'll never dull my shine.”
Sicelo Ngozwana, AKA J. Retta
“No need for breaks, if you forever
on the gas pedal, Got Russian Bear
stacked at the party, and it's next level”

Eastern Cape based Sicelo aims to inspire and motivate others: “The lyrics I write stand out because they come from an honest place: My heart. I wanted to pen lyrics that are relevant to anyone chasing a dream. I'd like to believe that's everyone, because we all have our own individual purpose on Earth. The verse is fun to recite and catchy, while at the same time thought-provoking and relevant to anyone who trusts in themselves.”

Moabi "Mo" Maseko
“Gone in 60secs 120 the max,
asenzi’mess, fasi’bande sigcwala istraat,
driver mina manje staan’vas, iyi’kleva
slyzer/#IAMNEXT skatlo’byzer”

Jo’burger Moabi wanted to convey speed and a sense of urgency with his unique lines that incorporate English, Afrikaans and "kasi taal" (street slang). “I needed my lyrics to be visual - so the reader imagines the seatbelt clicking and a car screeching off and the ‘competition’ swiftly moving out of the way. ‘Driver mina manje’ (I'm in the driver seat now) is a play on the concept of being next - stating that I'm next before even using the hashtag,” he enthuses.
Vote For Your Next Lyricist @RussianBearSA #IamNext #SouthAfrica
“We were blown away by the talent of the entries we have received and are excited about who will be featured next on the limited edition Russian Bear bottle. South Africa – tell us who you think is Next Level!” says Russian Bear Brand Manager, Simone Burns.

To check out who will be the winner in the Russian Bear #IamNext competition, visit , @RussianBearSA on Twitter and Facebook.
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