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Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Bula Deals: One Stop Online Shop #SouthAfrica

Hi Guys,

From gadgets to unique experiences, Bula Deals offers it all. Whether you’re looking for the latest mobile phone on the market, or an exciting safari package, this proudly South African company caters for all needs.

Ever wanted to create your own computer, tailor-made to your own specific needs? Thanks to a unique offering by Bula Deals, South Africa’s latest E-commerce site, soon you’ll be able to purchase incredible deals like this. Bula Deals, a local online shop with an international footprint, has recently emerged into the market, offering consumers only the best deals and unbeatable prices.

Being able to create a bespoke computer by choosing the various components online, is only one of Bula Deals’ unique offerings. This E-commerce site offers two platforms, namely Group Buying and Online Shopping.

Group Buying allows for bigger discount deals on various products purchased online. Online Shopping offers a more unique product that cannot be purchased in group channels, due to its higher value.

Bula Deals was conceptualised by Yannick Bula, who saw the transformation of the global marketplace through E-commerce and the need for Africa to become part of this technological society. “We are excited to bring South African consumers a new online experience. With safety in online shopping, the best market prices, the latest products and friendly service at the core of our business structure, Bula Deals’ main priority is consumer satisfaction," says Bula. 

When asked about his vision for Bula Deals , he simply states: “To improve and streamline the overall image of online shopping in South Africa and on the African continent as well as to stimulate the growth of online shopping and group buying in all possible ways.”

Bula Deals caters for merchants, enterprises, and individuals. Individual customers can expect the widest and greatest selection of products at a price that cannot be beaten. Companies can expect a wide range of services and goods that are specific to their needs. Merchants can expect best business practice, suited to their profit line.

Bula Deals offers advertising, online marketing and the promotion of goods and services for businesses wanting to reach a wider market. Visit and let your shopping adventure begin.


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